How does DeBuNe affects
people, businesses, life?

Walter wants a website about his new water filtration technology. It doesn’t have to be a big website, so he contacts Danny, a web designer, to get his site done.


Danny is a one man business unit in DeBuNe, he usually design beautiful custom templates, and lets another BU take care of the coding, and the administrative part of his work.


He thus contacts his favourite web development BU, but bad luck, the coder is sick.


Danny then searches DeBuNe for web developers, consults their rankings and their client list via the network’s front end, hire the one with the best reviews, and send a quotation to Walter, which is recorded in the blockchain.


Danny and Walter then agree on the quote. Walter sends Danny a down payment in Euros, via a currency exchange BU. The transaction is saved in the blockchain, along with the deadline, details of the project and the amount due on reception.


After delivery and payment, Walter is so happy with Danny that he commissions some extra work: he realized that he needs some extra pages, an expert copywriter to write about his filtration system, and that some video animations with voice over are required to understand his concept.


Danny is no copywriter, nor animator, but since he’s a member of DeBuNe, instead of limiting his contribution to a couple of extra pages, he gets a much bigger ball rolling:


He looks up and contacts a project management BU the same way he contacted the web developer and explains the needs of his client. The PM then deals with the copywriting, video animation and voice over BUs to deliver a package with a uniform tone and quality.


Once the PM has sent the quote to Danny (still recorded in the block chain), Danny can quote Walter again, receive the down payment, pay the PMs down payment (this time, in NXT), get to work and wait for the deliverables.


The PM delivers to Danny, Danny delivers to Walter. Final payments are made and everyone is satisfied.


What does it mean for Walter?

How clients see the network

Walter’s project is the result of a common effort between 6 different business units. He doesn’t know that the web developer is in Russia, the copywriter is Australian, the voice over is actually Spanish and the video animators are Indonesian -he didn’t have to deal with language barriers and currency exchange.


He doesn’t know that several problems happened, either: the copywriter misestimated the time allowed for the project, which triggered a dispute between him and the PM, easily resolved by consulting the down payment transaction details in the blockchain.


He doesn’t know about the blockchain either, or Nxt.


He’s just happy with his website and left Danny a good review on his website, which is published in DeBuNe reputation management system.



What does it mean for Danny?

The benefits for business units

During the project, Danny didn’t have to worry about geography either. Since he is using the services of an accounting business unit, he doesn’t need to worry about anything finance, they will consult the blockchain when time is needed and take care of everything by consulting his transaction history. Just like Walter, he used his time for something better (in his case: completing his project).


After the project was done, the PM was notified about Danny’s good review. He will most probably be chosen by that PM to perform design work shall a client or another BU need it.

How Can DeBuNe Achieve that?

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