A peer-to-peer platform,
for business-to-business

DeBuNe lets small businesses collaborate, market, offer, and monetise their expertise or products more efficiently and effectively than any other market-based service. With transparent, secure, agile, and open source peer-to-peer infrastructure, all transactional data are permanently stored on the decentralised public information vault offered by the Nxt crypto-platform’s blockchain technology.

Exactly like Bitcoin, DeBuNe isn’t controlled by any central office, nor a central authority. Once in motion, DeBuNe will become what the community makes of it. The incredible importance of clear standards to be used will be the only tool to determine its success.

DeBuNe will be partially kept as a closed source project only until the above mentioned standards are well defined, then it will become completely open source.


A NetWork Platform For Businesses

More than just a project-driven networks, DeBuNe is an ecosystem where everybody can participate, fostering collective growth. The reputation management system and transaction transparency provided by DeBuNe’s software layer, and the portability of the Nxt crypto-platform, makes it easy to find experts within the network both as clients or as contractors, working remotely.


A Set Of Advanced Business Tools


The use of outsourced expertise allows Business Units to always hire a specialized workforce that is right-sized for their workload. The same goes for the administrative aspects of day to day operations: Business Units contract administrative expertise only when they need them.


out of the box security,
network wide and beyond

DeBuNe’s use of the blockchain technology makes it impossible to cheat the system: transactional data is stored in a permanent manner (once written, data cannot be deleted or modified) in the blockchain. DeBuNe’s data contains pointers to cross-reference all the previously saved data. The blockchain used by DeBuNe is extended, mirrored, replicated and managed across thousands computers all over the world, and updated almost every minute.  Altering data in one entry would mean decrypting the whole chain to alter all the other entries in every connected computer within an average of 60 seconds. Such an attack is simply impossible.


real reputation management

In a traditional business model, an expert’s reputation can be ruined by the rudeness of their secretary, or a great startup can get bad reviews because of faulty customer service. In a decentralized business model, everyone who participates receives accurate credit for the result of their work. DeBuNe makes it impossible for a Business Unit to lose reputation as a consequence of other Business Units’ actions.



A Growing List Of Unique Features

business units model

Business Units are results-driven, specialized companies dedicated to one type of service. Doing so is made possible by DeBuNe network, which is meant to include Business Units focusing on every aspect of running a business. Production, project management, marketing, sales, accounting, legal, and administrative operations can all be outsourced to other Business Units within DeBuNe.

software-enabled transparency

Secure, transparent, independently verifiable transactions are the basis for the DeBuNe network. Transparency between every party involved in a transaction is a pivotal component of the network: it enables informed decisions, traceability, greatly reduces the risks of disputes, and offers no opportunity for forgeries and frauds. The DeBuNe software layer provides transparency both for transactions and Business Unit performance.

a stock market away from wall street

Nxt makes it possible to transform mostly anything into an asset. It simplifies the process for offering shares to the public. Nxt assetization process is nearly instantaneous, easily accessible, and removes the obstacles inherent to transacting within a FIAT stock market.

Thanks to websites such as Secureae.com (Secure Asset Exchange) any person can buy shares of a Business Unit or a project within DeBuNe. Business Units can trade shares of their projects against support in finance, effort or material. DeBuNe thus becomes a vector for project fundraising and financing.

a new generation of electronic contracts

Thanks to Smart Contracts, a set of contractual clauses written in computer code, executed and enforced based on data such as  transactions, value triggers, or product delivery, Business Units are made accountable for their transactions by technology rather than people or a legal system.

Smart Contracts perform data verification and execute as soon as the relevant data signifies that an obligation has been met, creating seamless real-time turn around on payment or other contractual topics between Business Units.