Wait Up!

We’re not quite ready to handle online registration just yet. DeBuNe is a work in progress. Now tested with a small selected group of businesses,  its administration is done by hand while the development is in progress and more features are released.


DeBuNe will start operating in “alpha” mode from February: human beings will pretend to be the non yet developed technology, and manually operate the logic that eventually will be automated (we start on a system that needs trust – on us – to move, while the development advance, to a trustless aka trust-free system).


The first Business Units will be my own small companies, the first users will be my employees or partners, and the first projects will be the actual projects we do work on.

What Now?

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DeBuNe plans to open to Beta Testers by the end of June 2015, and to the public by the end of 2015, when it will be accessible and usable both from this website and the Nxt client.

How can I contribute?

Here is how you can get involved:



Start investing from now on by buying DeBuNe assets on secureae.com

DeBuNe will start paying a dividend to the shareholders starting in July 2015. Click here for more details about assets, dividends and revenue sharing.

Asset ID: 6926770479287491943
Issuer: NXT-GQ27-DD53-YM6K-ER6HK



Share news about DeBuNe via Facebook, Twitter, or your favourite social sharing platform.  You want to get into the details? Head to our download page for all the PR material available.



We are looking for analysts and developers to extend DeBuNe’s functionalities with white papers and code.

You can share your ideas in the DeBuNe@Nxt forum, or go for a bounty hunt by consulting our bounty page.

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You offer an immediately available product or service?

Your business under 20 employee?

You are intimate with the concept of crypto currencies in general, and Nxt in particular?

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Congratulation, you are eligible for Business Unit pre-registration.
Pre-registered Business Units will be automatically included in DeBuNe right from the Beta launching.