Available quantity: 1,000,000
Quantity that will be put on the market: 500,000

Revenue and Asset distribution:

DeBuNe will grow on two fronts. One is embedded in the Nxt cryptoplatform, and thus fees for transactions related to this side of DeBuNe will go to the lucky forgers that will process them when generating blocks. On another front DeBuNe needs several entry points to reach users that are either not familiar with Nxt, or not familiar at all with computers (let alone crypto platforms, etc).


This side of DeBuNe will charge fees (also in FIAT currencies) that will generate revenue. After meeting the basic costs of keeping DeBuNe alive (server hosting, domain names renewals, basic maintenance, etc), 100% of the net revenue will be split between the shareholders (including the asset issuer).


The aim is to keep 50% of the shares with DeBuNe (and using the revenue to pay for its technical growth and expansion, for the marketing, participation to conferences, hardware development, etc) and distributing the remaining 50% to everyone willing to support DeBuNe.


We may eventually let go of the remaining 50% once Nxt has grown to allow “smart contracts” to fully work, the distributed storage is working well, and we feel that DeBuNe itself has taken off, is solid on its structure, and can live a life on its own (the technology external to the Nxt platform is distributed enough and decentralised).


Dividends of the net revenue will be paid monthly starting at the end of July 2015 (for the income of the month of July 2015), if DeBuNe is operative (even in beta/test version by then). A max delay of 6 months can be applied in case strong technical reasons impede DeBuNe from operating properly even on its basic functions.

Starting up DeBuNe:

DeBuNe will start operating in “alpha” mode from February: human beings will pretend to be the non yet developed technology, and manually operate the logic that eventually will be automated (we start on a system that needs trust – on us – to move, while the development advance, to a trustless aka trust-free system).


The first Business Units will be my own small companies, the first users will be my employees or partners, and the first projects will be the actual projects we do work on.


The money transactions


6674961413581157292 for Indonesian Rupias as we are based in Bali, Indonesia


5812861164670512059 for Singapore Dollars,


4494513765045242688 for Euro


14062703716428570211 for USD


will go from deposits paid by a client, to fund a project, to then be distributed between the participating Business Units, to then be used by the various BUs to pay their expenses and salaries.


We will act as an exchange office to then convert the currency assets returned to me in actual FIAT currency. All this can well be automated in future by an evolution of the MGW.

Asset Value:

The ideal team for DeBuNe is made by 5 people earning about EUR1.8k per month. The cost for one person (office space, hardware, bills, taxes, etc) is estimated in EUR200 per month. We are then looking at Eur10k per month. On a span of 10 months of work to be covered means that we aim to collect about Eur 100k.


As everyone knows we should aim to at least 1.5 the target to achieve it, selling 50% of the shares, and this giving the 1 million shares a value of Eur300,000 (for the value of a single share of about 0.3 eur (NXT 22 at today exchange).


While a small part of shares will be donated to the core supporters we had until today, and a fractional part will initially be spread to attract attention on DeBuNe, we will then put in the market a few slots of shares starting at NXT 10 each, and a few more to grow up to NXT 22.


The aim in selling the shares is to finance the development and initial marketing of DeBuNe. Investing in DeBuNe will also benefits the development of Nxt! Serious investors, ready to put at least NXT 100k into DeBuNe, have until the end of February to contact us and access the following offer:
A total maximum of 200,000 assets will be sold to investors at the following price:

10,000 Assets for NXT 100,000 (NXT 10 per Asset)
22,222 Assets for NXT 200,000 (NXT 9 per Asset)
37,500 Assets for NXT 300,000 (NXT 8 per Asset)
57,142 Assets for NXT 400,000 (NXT 7 per Asset)
83,333 Assets for NXT 500,000 (NXT 6 per Asset)