The Business Unit browser will let you look into DeBuNe’s BU database to get in touch with the professionals you need. This feature is on DeBuNe’s roadmap and will be available soon!


Available Business Units

Holding of assets and resources
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Under Omnia Media Holding, Omnia Consulting is a project igniter, putting your ideas and projects together in the shape of clear action and business plan, laying down the rails so you can get the machine moving.


Omnia Code Holding regroups several software development Business Units which provide user-friendly application, alongs with reliable, maintainable code for web, device and desktop platforms.
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Barefoot Multimedia specializes in the setup, maintenance and modification of admin-friendly and visitor-friendly WordPress websites, from quick and simple solutions to complete theme development.
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SpotByte Holding regroups several online marketing/communication oriented Business Units enabling companies to establish their online presence, raise brand awareness and increase their sales.
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Omegraph is a graphic design studio which really knows its business, from look and feel to the hidden math behind sleek compositions. Omegraph listens, delivers, and frame your message to drive real results.
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Omniascribe’s deals with words. The rare ones, the simple ones, but mostly the ones which let your customers know clearly what you’re about, and make them want to act. Words that sell.
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UbudIO is all about your voice. We are a boutique recording studio with great soundproof rooms, sound engineers and all the equipment you need to record podcasts, presentation, talks, voiceover and more.
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ZeroSquare POS empowers your restaurant, spa or retail store, be it a large chain or a family business, with digital points of sales which boost your workflow, for your customer’s satisfaction.
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WeDoAmazinVideos (WDAV)… does amazing videos. Flicks for the web that catch your eyes, beautify your pages and call for action – realized by a team of real pros in both film and communication.
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MyLaw specializes in more-than-just-logos design. Why more than just logos? Because what MyLaw delivers is the result of years of studies in visual communication, to raise your brand where it belongs: the top.
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Roberto Capodieci, DeBuNe’s daddy, talks of several IT related topics (mainly about crypto and hacking).
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Without A Lemon
A  website providing short stories and other content for free. You might want to keep away, its content is addictive (and completely devoid of citrus).
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