DeBuNe: The DEcentralized BUsiness NEtwork

DeBuNe lets small businesses collaborate, market, offer, and monetize their expertise or products more efficiently and effectively than any other market-based service. With transparent, secure, agile, and open source peer-to-peer infrastructure, all transactional data are permanently stored on the decentralised public information vault offered by the Nxt crypto-platform’s blockchain technology. 


Exactly like Bitcoin, DeBuNe isn’t controlled by any central office, nor a central authority. Once in motion, DeBuNe will become what the community makes of it. The incredible importance of clear standards to be used will be the only tool to determine its success.


DeBuNe aims to create the right means to contrast the monopoly of huge international corporations. While keeping the skillsets distributed worldwide, with distributed local access, business networks can co-work on projects up to multi million dollar levels via DeBuNe. Offering shares of future revenue to participating Business Units, innovative ideas can be funded both in cash and in work and find organized and specialized teams of hundreds of high level skilled businesses in a matter of days. 


DeBuNe will be partially kept as a closed source project only until the above mentioned standards are well defined,
then it will become completely open source.


Asset ID: 6926770479287491943

Asset Issuer: NXT-GQ27-DD53-YM6K-ER6HK


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Vision, Mission, Values


A real, definitive change to the way businesses work

The creation of a decentralised peer-to-peer ecosystem of small businesses using the core technologies behind Nxt cryptoplatform to deliver transparent thus real skillsets for the realization of complex projects, as an integral part of our daily business life.


Building a true empowerment network

To leverage the aggregated power of a decentralized network of skilled businesses by means of transparent, secure, and agile technologies.


Outcome based collaboration

To provide services and products by working together in mutually beneficial partnerships, complementing each other’s skills, building peer-acquired reputation, in a lean, empirical process involving right-sized expertise as needed for each client and project.

Under The Hood: Technologies

Crypto Currency, Assets
and Smart Contracts via Nxt

Crypto currencies are a form of online currencies exchanged directly from account to account (peer to peer), without the intervention of a central organism. Amongst other advantages, NXT, the crypto currency used by DeBuNe, allows for anonymous transactions as well as safe and permanent encrypted or public transaction records.

The Nxt platform doesn’t stop at currencies, and also allows anyone using the NXT currency to turn mostly anything into tradable assets, thus creating a real stock exchange market.

On the top of these features, smart contracts, digital contracts with programmable execution, make sure that all transactions are processed on time and all promises are honored, reinforcing the trust value of all members of the network.

Advanced Reputation Management

Any.Sh is a collaboration platform which gathers its members around the projects on which they work together. With a very strong emphasis on identity verification and proofs of collaboration, Any.Sh makes ratings and testimonials real and trustable, as a strong base to foster a reliable business network.