Why More Social Media for Networking?

It may not be readily apparent what the recently launched DeBuNe could bring to the table for you, or your business, in an already crowded social media scene. Why more social networking platform while you can get everything you need from the established ones?

When it comes to networking, there’s no such thing as enough media or tools to connect with the right people. At the heart of networking is the ingrained need to connect. And with new commercial ventures of all sizes popping up around the world every day, you want to spread your wings as far as you can to improve your position in the business landscape.

For businesspeople, networking is a long-term commitment. It’s inseparable from building and maintaining your business. This is especially true in a highly competitive industry.

Nowadays, anything that could take away the focus of your customers is your competition. In this challenging environment, you are hard pressed to stay on top of matters that are important for your business. This is where all those social media platforms come in handy.

Social media for networking cut the time and distance normally inherent in conventional networking sessions. It provides a level playing field for two or more strangers to collectively advance their respective causes.

With virtual social media, those strangers could even come from the farthest corners of the globe and hit it right off –or not. The point is that you’ll have all the freedom and security to find the right people to collaborate.

DeBuNe offers all of the same benefits and then some. Being build upon what is widely dubbed as the disruptive technology of today, the block chain, DeBuNe provides trust and more security in an environment that often described as trustless and fraud-laden.

In our next post, we’ll go deeper into some of the technologies available on the block chain protocol that DeBuNe members can benefit from, such as the block chain public ledger and smart contract to name a few.