A Case For the Block chain On BBC News

The block chain has caught the imagination of a growing number of people around the world. Now, the block chain’s disruptive potential that is much heralded to change almost all aspects in our modern life has gotten more established institutions hot on its tail.


But, some are looking at the block chain technology with a tad apprehension. Just like many other ‘next big things’ before it, the block chain generates as many questions as it does answers of how it would affect the future.


Here is a short discussion published about the block chain on BBC News regarding the buzzing excitement, and a rather indifferent take, from experts and major corporates.


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The proponents have time and time again brought a comparison between the block chain and the Internet during its initial years, and rightly so. For us, it’s not a question of what the block chain can or cannot do, but more of what it will become.


We know that the design is so revolutionary that it could tackle some of the basic problems in the way objects (both physical and non-physical) are moved, validated, and stored online. So, again, forget about what it can or cannot do and start focusing on how it will shape our world in the future.